Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Shifting to a new consciousness

WE CAN RECAN, INC. is a green corporation whose mission is to raise awareness in regard to taking care of our planet Earth and provide specific means to do so. It is focused on explaining how to recycle and produce the materials needed for this to be done everywhere.

The Earth's ozone layer protects us from the powerful effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Scientists worldwide are in agreement that mankind's abuse of the Earth has played an enormous role in thinning of the ozone layer, and the Earth is no longer shielded as before. Melting of the polar icecap and rising sea levels are projected to cause catastrophic results such as the eventual submersion of New York City and Miami. The expected apocalyptic results do not permit us the luxury of waiting any longer. We must act NOW.

WE CAN RECAN, INC. is a corporation founded on the belief that we CAN take care of our planet, and in so doing, avoid the calamitous results of inaction. Recycling should be something that everyone does automatically, and we intend to provide the materials and instruction to make  this possible. It will be effective in helping the planet, and the expectation is that it will lead to significant job growth as well.


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